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vBulletin CMS is a fully commercial forum engine developed by Internet Brands Inc.

VBulletin — one of the oldest forum engines, written on a regular PHP and MySQL database server.

The engine itself has been working since 2000, and during this time has released a lot of updates, continues to develop.

At the moment, it remains one of the largest and most popular paid engines on which large projects are created.

Compare with VBulletin can only universal platform for creating sites and forums called uCoz.

VBulletin offers everything that a forum administrator may need: videos and categories, podcasting, multi-citation support, community and group sharing, user reputation-all this is available in the basic package, which can be expanded by installing third-party extensions.

The vBulletin engine itself creates a large load on the server, so you need to install it on a good hosting and server in advance.

So for normal operation you will have to buy a normal hosting.

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