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Last update date of all databases - 09.02.2019

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Mix of 139 countries

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Which includes the following domain zones:

AC, AE, AERO, AF, AG, AI, AL, AM, AR, AS, ASIA, AT, AU, BE, BG, BIZ, BR, BY, BZ, CA, CAT, CC, CD, CENTER, CF, CH, CL, CLUB, CM, CN, CO, COM, COMPANY, CX, CZ, DE, DJ, DK, DO, EDU, EE, EMAIL, es, estate, EU, Fi, FM, fo, FR, GA, GD, GE, gg, gr, GS, guru, Gy, HK, HR, Hu, ie, Il, im, in, info, IO, IR, is, it, JP, KR, KZ, LA, LC, Li, link, LU, LV, LY, MA, MD, ME, ml, mn, MOBI, MS, MU, MX, my, name, net, ng, nl, no, nu, NZ, om, org, PE, pH, photo, PK, PL, PM, Pro, PT, PW, RE, red, RO, RU, SE, SG, SH, si, SK, SO, ST, SU, SX, TC, TF, TK, TL, to, Tr, TV, TW, UA, UK, US, UY, VC, VG, VN, VU, WF, WS, XXX, YT

Tumblr CMS is a type of blogging platform.

Tumblr offers a simpler approach in terms of user interface, post types, and customization options.

Tumblr is free. There are a lot of premium themes that you can order as well as paid plugins that you can buy.

The interface and console of Tumblr is characterized by minimalism. You can mark a massive blue background with a section of icons in the middle that are responsible for different types of media.

In the Tumblr console, you can: create text posts, create photo posts, create quotes, create links, create chats, create audio posts, create video posts, set up your account and add additional blogs, customize your theme and create your own theme, send messages to your followers, follow blogs, view followers, etc.

Users can customize the HTML code of their theme, create their own code.

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