quality base sites and domains on various CMS


Answers to the most popular questions

In what form will I receive a paid database?

All databases are usually located in regular txt files, also to save space the file can be in the .rar or .zip archive
C every new line will go purchased sites on your selected CMS management.
Since many sites use redirects, the list of sites may look something like this.

Sites can start with either the https protocol or http.

Can I get multiple sites before buying?

In order to get some links to check the quality of the database, write contacts

Can sites from the database be inaccessible and why?

A certain part of the sites may be inaccessible, there may be a lot of reasons.
Usually, due to the blocking of the IP address, the site in a certain country, or the site simply stops working.
To check any site from different parts of the world, use this service - ping-admin.ru/free_test

Can there be sites from another CMS in the database and why?

This can happen only because some sites changed their CMS management during the collection of the database.
The quality of our databases is 95%, this is the highest quality product, stay tuned.
At the time of publication of updates, the quality of our product is 99.9%!                                          

How is the database of a specific CMS (Content Management System) going?

For this, certain features are used in popular CMS management.
They all differ in different source code, the principle of creating links, the unique features of CMS and other differences.
It is using these differences that we collect the database with special software.

How often are the databases updated?

On average, every 3-5 months. See information on our website.

What software is the database used for?

We use our own system to check the databases of the domains we need.
In addition, daily monitor the emergence of new domains and add them to our databases.

How to use your databases and why are they needed at all?

Mostly databases are used for various spam, brute, sql, xss, or similar things.
We ourselves provide only links to sites, without any vulnerabilities.

How is the database priced?

The cost of the database is affected by the number of sites in it and the relevance of the database at the moment.
The older the base, the cheaper it becomes.
The cost of the database is also affected by the time spent collecting it.

Can I buy a website or admin panel vulnerability?

No, our service does not sell such things and accesses.

Is it possible to order the collection of a database for a specific CMS?

Yes you can. We can assemble a base of absolutely any CMS management for short periods. To do this, write to contacts

Do you have discounts?

Only in manual mode when buying 2 or more databases, we will give you a discount.

Is it possible to buy only part of the CMS base?

It is possible, we allow the sale of databases worth more than $ 100 for 1/2 of the database.

How do I watch a video tutorial about buying?

At the moment, the video tutorial on buying a database on the site is not ready yet, it will appear a little lower here

We recommend you deploy the video to full screen and set the best viewing quality!